Dear Paypay / Ebay:

Your decision to make me opt-out of class action lawsuits by POSTAL MAIL is simply insane, and you should be ashamed of the way you're going about notifying hundreds of millions of people.  You are clearly trying to make it as difficult as possible to like you as a company.

The average person couldn't even find a reference to understand how to opt-out because you've buried it so well.  It's a scavenger hunt to even find out HOW to opt out - it's buried deep in a legal document not even available externally on your site.  

You are one of of the largest internet companies in the world, and you are requiring a transaction to be handled offline via MAIL, when you are happy managing BILLIONS of secure transactions and requiring the what could be the world's most secure buyer and seller authentication.  That is disgraceful.  Be ashamed, you've earned it.

The fact that you don't even have a complaints or "other" selection in your "email us" section of your website supports the fact that you don't want to listen to your customers.    You are behaving like a huge oil company with little disregard for your customers, the customers that helped you build such a huge pig of a company in the first place.  A long long time ago.

Get off your Bain Consulting high horses, extract the law firm that recommended this binding arbitration nonsense out of your arsehole, and actually try and connect with your users and find out what will make them happier.  You'll make more money in the long run.

AND, consider this my formal request to opt-out of your binding arbitration, no class action lawsuit nonsense.  

I DO NOT AGREE TO THIS AGREEMENT TO ARBITRATE.  Name, addres, phone #, email address.

If you do not opt me out using this form, I will sue you along with millions of others.


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